I walked into Dr. Kathleen’s office without an appointment. I was in debilitating pain. The pain was across my upper back, across my chest and down my left arm. I must admit, at the onset of the pain I thought I was having a heart attack. To my good fortune, Dr. Kathleen agreed to see me.

Dr. Kathleen sent me for x-rays prior to my afternoon appointment. The x-ray allowed her to diagnose my pain with certainty. I had two cervical herniated disks, which were constricting the nerve. My chest, back and left arm were in spasm. Dr. Kathleen’s compassion is noteworthy. She thoroughly explained her goal and the method she would use to achieve it. Traction, manipulation, ice, heat and rest relived my pain and within four weeks I was free of pain.

Wellness is a necessary component to wholeness. Dr. Kathleen has taken me on a wellness journey with professionalism, knowledge and kindness. I am grateful to Dr. Kathleen Henneberger and her staff.